EXTON, PA | May 2 — US Digestive Health (USDH), one of the largest gastroenterology (GI) practices in the nation, celebrated the opening of its relocated gastroenterology office on Wednesday, April 26, at 5:30 p.m. Central Chester County Endoscopy (CCCE), the gastroenterology office’s affiliated endoscopy center, is already located in the same shopping center. After the welcome ceremony, referring physicians and other attendees received guided tours of the two facilities, followed by a ribbon-cutting.

The office space is located in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, at Mill Town Square, 150 East Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 500, and the endoscopy center, formerly known as Brandywine Valley Endoscopy Center (BVEC), is conveniently located in Suite 320. 

The newly relocated office supports diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for digestive diseases, while the endoscopy center features cutting-edge technology and advanced imaging equipment, offering a range of services, including colonoscopies and upper endoscopies. 

The office and endoscopy center will have a highly experienced team of board-certified gastroenterologists and medical staff who are passionate about patient care, including Frederic A. Meyers, MD; Farid Razavi, MD; Nina Bandyopadhyay, DO; Kevin Gordon, MD; Jessica Sterling, MD; and Alicia Renna, PA-C.

Colonoscopy is the gold standard when it comes to detecting and treating colorectal cancer and polyps. USDH provides patients with The Platinum StandardSM in colorectal cancer detection, which uses state-of-the-art AI screening technology to help detect colorectal polyps more effectively than unaided colonoscopy. The intelligent endoscopy module shows a 50% reduction in missed colorectal polyps with AI technology versus standard colonoscopy.  

“We are thrilled to offer patients expanded access to GI care in the greater Downingtown area,” said Jerry Tillinger, CEO of USDH. “Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional patient care in a patient-friendly environment.”

The opening of the Downingtown office is an exciting expansion milestone for USDH as it continues to grow its practice in the Northeast. 

“Patients in Downingtown will now have convenient, centralized access to industry-leading gastroenterology care and a state-of-the-art endoscopy center,” said Dr. Frederic Meyers, founder of CCCE. “I have been serving the Chester County community for over 30 years and am excited to be able to offer innovative technologies such as AI–enabled technology for colon cancer screening.”

The office is now accepting new patients. For more information or to schedule an appointment at the new Downingtown office, please visit the USDH website or call (610) 384-6076, option #5. For more information or to schedule a procedure at CCCE, please visit the USDH website or call (610) 384-6076, option #6. 

About US Digestive Health 

US Digestive Health (USDH) is the leading gastroenterology practice in the Northeast and the 3rd largest in the United States. 

USDH was formed in 2019 by Amulet Capital Partners, LP (“Amulet”), a healthcare private equity investment firm based in Greenwich, Connecticut, in partnership with member practice partner physicians. 

USDH aims to deliver high-value, patient-centric digestive healthcare by bringing new insight into the care, treatment, and prevention of digestive health disorders. USDH consists of 31 locations, 17 ambulatory surgery centers, over 200 GI providers, and more than 1000 employees throughout Southeastern, Central, and Southwestern Pennsylvania, and Delaware.