Uncovering the undetected.

Powered by artificial intelligence, GI Genius™ is a state-of-the-art technology that assists gastroenterologists in detecting colorectal polyps more effectively while performing a colonoscopy. 

For you, our patient, that means earlier detection of polyps, and more effective treatment.

Why get an AI Assisted Colonoscopy?

GI Genius™ works hand-in-hand with your gastroenterologist. Combining the knowledge and expertise of your USDH provider with an intuitive computer-aided detection system, GI Genius™ gives our patients an edge over cancerous polyps in their colon. 

Capable of detecting a wide range of shapes and sizes, our endoscopists’ jobs are made simpler as GI Genius™ provides a 99.7% sensitivity rate and a false positive rate under 1%. And because it’s able to be used in real time during your colonoscopy, this cutting-edge endoscopy system increases absolute detection rates of colon polyps by more than 14%.

If you’re interested in learning about the benefits of The Platinum Standard® of colonoscopy with GI Genius™, ask your US Digestive Health provider and they will happily discuss the details with you. 

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